Greenhouse domes

Greenhouse Domes

If you´re thinking in a greenhouse for your garden or even a home-made greenhouse, hydroponic grow (small or big surfaces): we can help you! Domes are designed to optimise space, their spheric shape benefits of better air-flow and a better share of light across the space.

What can we offer?

Different sizes

Easy ensembling – easy to relocate

Shipping & ensembling services

Cover, semi-covered or open designs

Gravel, plastic or wooden floors

Counseling about climatisation or ventilation


Why a dome?

Since the domes are a circumference, you can take advantages of all the space avoiding corridors or corners. Also, thanks to his shape, it´s much more efficient in terms of temperature and lighting.

Can I buy a dome for an in-house greenhouse?

Domes can be designed to meet your needs.

Tell us about your project, so we can offer a customize proposal.

Can I assemble the dome myself?

That´s up to you! All of our domes comes with the proper instructions to be assembled. For a more complex or bigger option, we also offer professional assemblers service.

How long in takes to ensamble the dome?

Depending on the surface and number of people working on it. Cerrotec offers this service and sends the proper number of people to adjust to your timing. To give yourself an idea, a 5m dome could be assembled in 2 hours by two people.

Meet our Services


Customized designs for customized projects.

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