Glamping Domes

Domos geodesicos para glamping

Glamping Domes

More and more often,  companies are joining this new initiative to offer they services from an eco-friendly perspective. Protecting the nature, sustainability and eco-responsibility, are the main focus. Glamping concept gives a fresh start to those who like the camping experience, increasing the comfort and commodities.

What do we offer?

  • Standard-size domes
  • Different configurations for doors and windows
  • Several set-ups and separate ambiances
  • Optional use of hanging structures
  • Kitchen and bathroom configuration


Why is a dome is a better option than a bungalow or a traditional tipi?

The spheric structures of domes, allows you to optimise the usage of the space available, avoiding corners or concave shapes.

Domes are also super stable structures compared with a tipi and his construction means 50% less investment than a bungalow.

Configuration options

Our domes can be designed for two, four or 6 people. We can also add hanging structures to optimize space with “mezzanines” (the result will be a 2 floors house).

Features & add-ons

Wood, aluminum and metallic structures and covers.

Different setups of walls to differentiate spaces.

Bathroom kit: including shower, WC, etc.  Also  Kitchen kit (different models).

Bed: single or king size.

Wooden floors.

Building permits

Our domes respect estándar measures that don’t need permits or special approvals. However, that would only apply to domes equal or under 39m2 (6 people tops).

What´s the difference with a usual camping tent?

Camping tents use to be “old school” style. They have a super-light structure and they are usually uncomfortable due to their lack of isolation, intimacy and it´s limited space.

A dome is almost like a house, with a lighter structure, shaped like a semi-sphere. Space inside can be divided in several rooms and can include all the commodities in terms of heating or A/C.

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