All you need to know about domes!

A dome or geodesic dome, is an structure with the form of half sphere, like a vault. It´s compound for triangular flat layers that form pentagons and hexagons at the same time.

Domes are compounded by segments (the “bars” that link the structure) and nodes (or the connectors). Depending on how you are going to use the dome, this segments can be made of aluminium or wood while the connector are almost always made of aluminium. Also, the structure can appear 100% covered or semi-covered.

Cerrotec works with two types of covers: outdoor and indoor.

Indoor covers are 100% nylon, with a waterproof membrane and fireproof (200gr by square meter).

Outdoor covers are made if PVC pre contain 420 (Serge Ferrari, 650 gr by square meter), fireproof too. M2 Category.

Of course! Covers can be made of wood, metal mesh, textile mesh or even glass or even tiles. Depending on the use of the dome, you can select the best set of materials.

Nope! Cerrotec uses Aluminum 6063 anodize wich means: its impossible 😉

Overall, the structures we have for rent, doesn´t need any foundations. Geodesic structures are very different from traditional ones, these structures are rigid, stable and impossible to deform. To start talking about foundations, we would need to talk about the weight of the structure that you want to purchase, and the quality of the surface where you want to set up the dome on. Most of the times, we just take steps to ensure the dome won’t move and we use platforms to compensate bumps or slopes in the surface.

Accesories, materials and maintenance

Yes, you can link them by tunnels!

Depending on the final use, we can give you several options:

– Events: usually our clients doesn’t need a special set for the floor. But, if there´s a special need, we can include wooden pallets.

– Glamping: wooden.

– Greenhouses: cement, gravel or sand, depending on the needs.

– Domes-Houses: (customized, under special request) same options as a normal house: wood, parquet, tile, stone…


To heat a dome we recommend stoves or chimneys. For ventilation, you can install air conditioner or fans.

Bear in mind that, with the geodesic shape of the domes,  ventilation and heat efficiency it´s improved and optimized by itself.

Yes, our domes can include one, two or event three doors.

Also, we can install windows (fixed or folding, rounded or triangular).

Usually, this features are not included in the domes for rent, but if you have special needs, we can build special domes. Let´s talk!

No, just a little bit of care and love, like we all need 🙂

There are specific products to clean the cover that you can purchase from our provider (Serge Ferrari) or trough us. Another option is to clean the cover with detergent and a pressure hose. We highly recommend to clean the cover when it is still over the dome and ensure its 100% dry before remove it and save it.

Ensambling & timmings

Both will be charged apart from the dome prize. Shipping and

Shipping and assembling will change depending on the size and weight of the product and materials.

That´s up to you! Cerrotec will provide detailed instructions to assemble the dome. It isn’t extremely complicated per se, but, depending on the size or the complexity of the customization maybe harder.

We work with different timings depending on the size and the characteristics of the dome. To give you some orientation:

– From 5 to 7 square meters: six weeks

– From 7 to 10 square meters: eight weeks

– From 11 to 14 square meters: ten weeks

– from 15 to 20 square meters: twelve weeks

Like we always say, timings can change depending on the customization and the features.

However, our sales people will be always in touch to keep you informed about the progress.

This kind of legal regulations depends on the country or even the community or city. We don’t manage that kind of arrangements, but we are happy to help you find out. Our advisors will give you a hand depending on the area you want to set up the dome.

Since our regular standard domes for rent (events, shows, musics festivals…) are considered detachable structures, doesn’t need special permits to be assembled.

On the other hand, for  Domes-Houses you will need to fit the same requirements and permits that you do for a regular house.

Purchase process

Once you confirm the quote:

– Events: 50% will need to be paid when you sign up the budget.  The rest will be paid once we deliver the final product or we start to assemble it.

– For any other service: 30% with the approval and acceptance of the quote, and the rest once we deliver the dome.

We accept bank transfers or credit cards payments.

Of course! We always make sure we deliver the best quality, therefore our warranty covers our domes structures for twenty years.

Yes, our service covers for repairment of broken pieces, replacement of lost ones, or replacements of the covers (liable to charge).

Still have questions? Contact us and we´ll reply as soon as possible.

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