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Event domes for rent

Make your event shine! Domes are the perfect structures to get everyone´s attention, their original shape it´s always the focus of all sights. We have the perfect solution for a wedding, a social or a corporate event, child parties and much more.

What do we offer

  • Different sizes and capacities
  • Outdoor and indoor event-domes
  • Suitable floors and anchoring systems
  • Connected domes by tunnels
  • Counseling about heating and ventilation


¿How many people fits in a dome?

Depends on the dimension of the dome. We made some maths to help you get an idea (by square meter):

  • 5 people standing up /square meter
  • 3 people in theater mode / square meter
  • 2 people un buffet mode / square meter
  • 1,5 people with rounded tables /square meter

Different sizes and capacities

Our scope in event domes goes from 5m diameter (28 squared meters) to 25m (420 square meters). Check the availability at any time.

Keep in mind you can always use several domes to use all  your space and connect them by a tunnel!

¿How long it take to assemble the dome?

Depending on the surface and number of people working on it.

Cerrotec offers this service and sends the proper number of people to meet to your timing. To give yourself an idea, a 5m dome could be assembled in 2 hours by two people.

¿Can I customize the dome with my logo?

Not yet, but we are working on it with our providers!

¿What about pricing?

Prices obviously change depending on the size and the renting period.

Contact us and get your quote now!

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