Adventure Domes

Adventure Domes (High-mountain)

Domes are the best choice for high mountain camps and places with extreme weather conditions. The structural characteristics and the spherical shape make them the most resistant option against wind, snow or heat. The inside space will always be comfy and will maintain a cool temperature.

Cerrotec has been present for a long time in the Aconcagua (Mendoza, Argentina. The Andes)… we know what are we talking about!

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High mountain domes. Several sizes and capacities

Counseling on transport, shipping and assembling

Suitable floors and anchoring systems

Climatization advising


Can I relocate the dome to different camps?

Yes, you can move the domes if it’s needed since you can assemble and disassemble the structure as many times you want. Usually, domes stay still along the season for comfort reasons, but still, it’s your choice!

What about heating?

Thanks to his properties it´s easy to heat the dome and keep a constant temperature inside. The spheric shape of the domes optimises heating, air flow and isolation.

What can I use a dome for?

There are several options (plus anything you got in mind) but mainly, domes are used to be control points, nurseries, field hospitals, sleeping areas..

Does the dome need any maintenance?

Usually during the season, while the dome is “on duty”, it doesn’t need any special cares. Anyway, if you face any problems, Cerrotec offers accessories, replacements, etc.

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