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Our philosophy match our lifestyle

In Cerrotec we like what we do. We are a young company and we don´t believe in heavy organizations, where people don’t know each other if they don’t seat along. We are a small team and we work with different providers and this, allows us to be more flexible and to adapt to any need of any client: doesn’t matter if you are big or small.

That´s why we have created our own “credo” and we want to share it with you:

1.We are 100% made in France (however, in our team, there´s people from Spain, Argentina or France).

2. We don’t believe in “cheap labor” manufactures. We use materials manufactured in Spain and France. Maybe is not that profitable, but we have a clean conscious!

3. Our designs take into account the climate and the ecosystem of the environment where the dome is going to be settle to ensure the best performance with the less impact on nature.

4. We seek efficiency and cost efficiency in building materials. we try to always choose low-energetic against high energetic.

5. Optimise power consumption for heating, cooling, lights and other equipment.

6. We believe in transparency. We are not going to try to sell you something that doesn’t solve your needs. If we can´t help you, we will try to help you finding out what can be a better option.

7. We follow our passion. We like nature, climbing & mountains and we believe in a sustainable tourism that doesn’t ruin nature or natural environments.

8. We are based in Dordogne, France (a wonderful landscape!) and we believe in local economy impulse. We work with local suppliers as much as possible.

9. We are serious and responsible doing business and we look for responsible clients too. The best way to communicate with each other is building trust.

10. We want happy clients. From our little company we are trying to make people a little bit happier with our products and this translates into a high-quality service.

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