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Are you planning your next event? Domes are a modern and innovative solution that fits for any kind of events: sports, corporate, weddings, music festivals… We are offering a different solution against the typical tents. Make your event shine!

CerroTec Domes

We are a company established in France and Spain and we want to join the  eco-tourism, sustainable architecture and green movement in both countries.

Our domes (for rent and for sale) are designed for any kind of service: glamping, events, greenhouses, adventure or any other solution you may find interesting. Keep reading and learn a bit more about our services:

Rent of Event Domes

Our domes replace the usual tents; we provide a new fresh style for any of your celebrations: weddings, child parties, music festivals, corporate events, sports competitions… If you are organising an event, stop thinking about it and contact us! We can find the best solution for all your needs at the most competitive price in the market.


Our domes are prepared for any kind of growing activities: indoor, hydroponic, large areas or just a cheap option to build your own greenhouse in your garden: yes we can! ?

You can assemble or disassemble our domes by yourself. The are way lighter than other structures, but still, really resistant. Also, we can adapt the size to your space and needs.


Nowadays, there´s a lot of changes in the way we find information, how we make our lives more healthy or how we like to spend out free time. Specially, people have changed in the past year the way they travel. We just don’t want to rent a hotel room within any private space apart from the room, common areas that are always full of people and where you can’t just enjoy nature and the landscape.

The “camping concept” – where you can have a more naturistic experience – is not yet an option for some people, due to the lack of comfort. And that´s where our domes jump in! A dome can be perfectly compared to a wood house with all the commodities (walls, heat, different spaces, intimacy), but with a much more innovative and eco-friendly design. 

Our Glamping options include wood designs or lighter structures (PVC or aluminum). If you want to give a fresh start to your camping experience: just contact us!


Even if we just landed in France and Spain we have tons of experience in alpinism and high mountaineering. Our domes have been seen for years in the Argentinian Andes and the Aconcagua (America´s top of the rock). In high-mountain camps, you need a lighter-but-resistant structures that can stand complicated weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Do you want to try us? We will be honored to show you the difference!

Apart from this, we can customize any dome and build a specific structure for you. If you have a different idea to use our domes, just help us make it true and contact us. We will be happy to help ? Just send us an email trough the contact form or use the following email address:

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If you still have any doubts you can find all the answers in our FAQs section or learn a little bit more about our company culture in “About us“. Best friendships start with a “hi there!“, and we are thrilled to make new friends. Just use the contact form!


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